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Center for Customer Information Management

Customer- and technology-driven e-commerce initiatives are likely to dominate business strategies in the future. The rapid growth in demand and supply of sophisticated data-mining and analytical decision tools calls for further research to determine how these new information streams can most effectively be used, including in corporate daily marketing strategies. Led by Professor Sun Baohong, the Center for Customer Information Management has set itself the following goals:

to encourage multidisciplinary research that explores the interface among marketing, operations management, and information systems;

to investigate how companies can better use customer information to learn about customer preferences in a real-time fashion and make optimal interaction decisions to maximize the long-term profit of each customer; and

to provide a forum for faculty, Ph.D. students, visiting scholars, consulting associates, practitioners and supporters to make important contributions on a wide range of topics that relate to the new trend of customer information management.


Center for Financial Research

Headed by Professor Henry Cao, the Cheung Kong Center for Financial Research is committed to forward-looking and innovative research in the areas of capital markets, corporate finance, and international finance. Through professional journals and academic discussion, the center seeks to provide analysis, suggestions, and solutions to government organizations, companies, financial practitioners, and ordinary investors. The center also aims to offer ideas and methods to help advance the level of financial services in China and promote the adoption of international standards.


Center for Multinational Corporations Research

Led by Professor Teng Binsheng, the Cheung Kong Research Center for Multinational Corporations is committed to original research on operations at multinational corporations (MNCs). Based on in-depth cooperation and exchanges with leading MNCs, the center produces influential research in the form of case studies, data analysis, seminars, academic exchanges, and papers published in academic journals. The center provides insight into MNCs' China strategies, identifies best practices, and finds ways in which Chinese enterprises can positively interact and co-exist with their global counterparts. The center will also help to mentor Chinese enterprises that develop into leading MNCs.


Center for Real Estate Research

Headed by Professor Mei Jianping, the Cheung Kong Center for Real Estate Research studies the development of China's real estate market. Paying close attention to the real estate market, the center provides industrial insights and policy recommendations to government organizations, property developers, and investors. The center regularly publishes reports on the real estate market, hosts academic discussions and industrial seminars, and releases an authoritative residential price index. Working with counterparts abroad, the center aims to serve as a platform for the international development of major real estate firms.


Center for Responsible Business

The mission of the Center for Responsible Business (CRB) is to promote responsible and sustainable businesses in China through education, research and outreach programs. To promote the development of a sustainable economy, Cheung Kong has adopted a holistic approach to business education, integrating the humanities directly into the business school curriculum. Headed by Cheung Kong Professor Li Wei, the CRB will take advantage of the school's world-class faculty to leverage its unrivalled knowledge about China and beyond in developing and emerging economies, and place responsibility at the heart of development. A series of research projects and social development initiatives of the CRB will be launched to advance partnerships and cooperation among businesses, academies, government and social sectors.

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