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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Cheung Kong MBA course a full-time or part-time program? How long does it take to complete the course?
A: The Cheung Kong MBA course is a full-time, English-language program. The course includes one year of classroom study, as well as a period thereafter for students to write their theses.

Q: What language is used for classroom instruction? 
A: All classes are taught in English.

Q: What other graduate programs are offered by Cheung Kong?
A: In addition to the MBA program, Cheung Kong also offers a Chinese-language Executive MBA program; a Chinese-language, part-time Finance MBA program; and many high-level executive education courses.

Q: What are Cheung Kong's codes for the GMAT and GRE?
A: Applicants taking the GMAT should instruct Pearson VUE to send the official GMAT scores to Cheung Kong at school code 60D-KJ-39. Applicants taking the GRE send the scores to us at school code 4456. 

Q: What is the minimum GMAT score required to apply to Cheung Kong?
A: There is no minimum GMAT score needed to apply for the MBA program at Cheung Kong. However, most students accepted to Cheung Kong received a score over 600. The average GMAT score of the MBA students accepted in 2009 was 700.

Q: Will I have any opportunities to study Chinese?
A: Yes. Cheung Kong offers free Chinese lessons to all international students.

Q: What is the application process for the MBA program at Cheung Kong?
A: First, fill out the online application materials.
Second, attend an interview.
Third, wait for a decision from the MBA Admissions Committee.
Our Admissions Office staff are happy to help guide you through the application process. If you need any further information, please click here.

Q: What is the application deadline for the 2011 intake?
A: The Cheung Kong MBA program accepts one class each year, consisting of 60 students. We are still accepting applications for the 2011 intake on a rolling basis. The deadline for admissions is May 30 , 2011. If space permits, there may be an additional round of enrollment for exceptional students concluding on July 18, 2011.

Q: Is there any age limit for applicants?
A: No, Cheung Kong welcomes applicants of all ages. However, previous MBA classes have had an average age of 30, and the ages of students generally range from 24 to 36.

Q: Can I contact Cheung Kong to confirm that you have received my application?
A: Our online application system will automatically inform you whether your application has been successfully completed, submitted, and received. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

Q: How long after submitting my application will I need to wait to receive the admissions decision? How will you inform me of your decision?
A: The admissions decision will be sent out approximately two weeks after your interview. We will send you the decision both by post and by e-mail.

Q: May I submit more than two letters of recommendation?
A: Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation. You are able to submit additional letters of recommendation; however, the number of letters of recommendation that you submit will not influence the admissions decision or raise your chances of acceptance. Therefore, we suggest that applicants limit themselves to two letters of recommendation unless they feel strongly that a third letter will reveal an important aspect of themselves otherwise absent from their application.

Q: Could I defer my enrollment?
A: Generally, Cheung Kong does not permit deferrals. An applicant unable to enroll at the time specified in the offer of admission must resubmit an application. If an unforeseen situation arises that would prevent an already-accepted student from enrolling at the specified time, that student may apply for a one-year deferral of admission.

Q: Can I come and visit the campus at some time? I would like to discuss the program more fully with somebody. 
A: We welcome visits to our campus. Please call us at +86 10 8518 8858*3270, or send an e-mail to mbaadmissions@ckgsb.edu.cn, to schedule an appointment.

Q: Does Cheung Kong offer scholarships?
A: Yes, outstanding applicants have the chance to be awarded a scholarship to study at Cheung Kong. For more information, please click here.              

Q: What is the fee to apply for the Cheung Kong 2011 intake for the MBA program?
A: The application fee for this year's MBA program is RMB 800 or USD 120.

Q: What is the tuition for the Cheung Kong MBA program?
A: The tuition for the 2011 intake is RMB 308,000, including a non-refundable registration fee of  RMB30,000.

Q: Would I have the opportunity to study abroad during my time with Cheung Kong?
A: Yes. In 2010, 50% of our students had the opportunity to study at famous business schools across the globe with which we have partnership programs. 
Cheung Kong's partner schools include:

Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Darden School of Management (UVA), University of Virginia
Ecole de Management de Lyon (Em Lyon)
Indian School of Business (ISB)
Instituto de Empresa Business School (IE)
Carlson School of Management (CSOM), University of Minnesota
Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University
The Johnson School, Cornell University

In addition to exchange programs, the Cheung Kong MBA course also offers several other activities providing international experience, including trips to other countries and chances for interaction with students visiting from famous business schools abroad.

Q: While studying at the Cheung Kong MBA program, will I need a laptop computer?
A: For convenience while studying, we strongly recommend that students bring laptop computers. There are also some desktop computers on campus that students may use without charge.

Q: Will I need to buy textbooks?
A: Yes. The tuition fee does not include the cost of textbooks.

Q: What can you tell me about Cheung Kong's dorms? Can I live off-campus?
A: Cheung Kong offers student apartments in the vicinity of campus. Students can also choose to rent their own apartments nearby. For more information about student apartments, please click here .

Q: Are there any other costs in addition to the tuition fee?
a: When planning a budget for the school year, students should also keep in mind their living costs, rental costs, and textbook costs in addition to school tuition. For more information, please click here.

Q: What are the requirements to receive the MBA degree?
A: All students must complete the required credits and go through a thesis defense. In addition, to receive a Masters degree issued by the State Council Degree Committee, Chinese students at Cheung Kong must also register and take the MBA Entry Test (GRK). International students do not have this requirement. For additional details, please contact the Admissions Office.

Q: What career services are offered by Cheung Kong?
A: The Cheung Kong MBA Career Development Center offers individualized career development services to help students with self-appraisal and with preparing to find employment. For details on their services, please click here.

Q: Can Cheung Kong help me apply for a visa to come to China?
A: Yes, we guide our admitted students through the visa application process. If the application process has any specific requirements in your country, please contact the Cheung Kong admissions office with any questions.

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