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Cheung Kong offers a wide range of executive education programs that draw on real-world expertise and solid research. Held at the school's Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou campuses, the programs blend instruction on best practices in management and leadership with timely insights into collaboration and competition in China.

China from the Inside

Cheung Kong frequently hosts overseas Executive MBA and executive education programs through its one-week China from the Inside program. The program may serve as either the international module of an EMBA program or a stand-alone executive education course.

China from the Inside coursework offers a close-up view of China business and culture, providing an invaluable perspective on the world's fastest-growing market combined with globally-oriented classes in strategy, leadership and management.

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The Rise of China and Your Global Strategy

When considering their global strategy, multinational companies need to see China in a more significant position than in the past. To do this, they must start by learning more about China, its economy, policies and culture. Knowing how to compete and cooperate with local companies, especially at a time when economic growth patterns in China are undergoing dramatic shifts, enables multinationals to really face up to new challenges.

A joint program of Columbia University and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and designed for key leaders of multinational corporations including presidents, CEOs, and general managers, The Rise of China and your Global Strategy will tackle these issues from all angles. You will gain insight into the position of Chinese companies in the global industry value chain, learn how Asian values affect Chinese business practice, and fine-tune your global strategy.

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China Country Managers Program

The China Country Manager Program, launched in 2008, offers top-level executives a framework to understand and anticipate changes in the fast-moving China business landscape. The program is designed for core management of multinational companies operating in Asia Pacific and China, including presidents, CEOs, and general managers.

Enrollees meet with leading government officials and CEOs of top Chinese companies, while sharing their experiences with high-level peers at other MNCs.

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Custom Programs

Custom programs are tailored to the strategic needs of individual companies. After working closely with managers to identify company challenges, Cheung Kong develops effective solutions, then helps implement them in the workplace. Custom programs help companies build internal capabilities to produce lasting business results.

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