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Globalization and Strategy

The Road to Partnership between Huawei and 3COM

What was the real purpose of the marriage between Huawei and 3Com?

Keywords: joint venture, strategy, network equipment, intellectual property rights

Case advisor: Prof. Teng Bingsheng
On June 10, 2003, Cisco Systems' lawsuit against Huawei Technologies took an exciting turn. 3Com, Huawei's joint venture partner in North America, announced their application for judgment to the district federal court in Marshall, Texas. They hoped the judge would declare that the new products released by Huawei-3Com had not violated Cisco's IPR. With this action, 3Com got heavily involved in the legal battle between China and the United States' largest network equipment companies.


Business Model Innovation

Ningbo Ruixing

Television tuner maker to the world

Keywords: electronics components, manufacturing, television, private enterprise

Case advisor: Li Wei
This case explores the development of the privately-owned enterprises in Zhejiang province by way of gaining an understanding of TV tuning company Ningbo Ruixing Electronics.



The Cheung Kong Case Center

Since its inception in 2003, the Cheung Kong GSB Case Center has functioned as an effective knowledge and communication platform, linking faculty members, business-case writers, and executive students together with China's mainstream enterprises.

The Center has produced over 100 faculty-directed business cases featuring China's national enterprises and the China operations of major multinational corporations. While written primarily for educational use in the Cheung Kong classroom, this body of knowledge is influencing management practice in the real business world. The cases focus on real business situations in China, leveraging the Cheung Kong faculty's unique ability to bridge Western and Eastern management thought.

With generous support from the Li Ka-shing Foundation, the Center is building a world-class business case library designed to serve as a window for business understanding between China and the outside world. This library will benefit scholars as well as executives leading Chinese and multinational corporations over the coming decades.


Meet Our Professors

Bingsheng Teng
Associate Professor of Strategic Management
Ph.D., City University of New York
In a Q&A; interview, Professor Teng comments on the messy Danone-Wahaha divorce and what it says about structuring strategic alliances. He also discusses Chinese business model innovation and new strategies for Chinese firms going global.
Brian Viard
Assistant Professor of Strategy and Economics
Ph.D. in Business Economics, University of Chicago; MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Professor Viard explains how case studies drawn from real-life business help students understand the complexities of crisis management–and the challenges of everyday government relations–in China.
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