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Name and Logo

The Meaning of "Cheung Kong"
The "Cheung Kong" in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business was adopted from Cheung Kong Holdings, Hong Kong's leading multinational conglomerate, founded and run by entrepreneur Li Ka-shing.

In the Cantonese dialect of Hong Kong, "Cheung Kong" is the name for the Yangtze River, the mighty waterway that originates in the Tibetan plateau and courses across the entire span of China. A symbol of the vast reach of China's territory, it has also been a prized source of fertility and material abundance for farmers and fisherman over thousands of years of history. In that sense, the river aptly represents China's vast economic growth potential today.

Drawing increasing strength and speed from tributaries as it nears the ocean, the Yangtze River also exemplifies the power of unified action – an idea that finds its analog at Cheung Kong business school in an emphasis on teamwork and shared learning through group projects.

The Meaning of the Cheung Kong Logo
The Alan Chan Design Company created and designed the Cheung Kong logo at the school's inception in 2002.

The overall image of the logo invokes the traditional seal used by literati in ancient China, symbolizing how the school is firmly rooted in Chinese culture, and seeks to cultivate wisdom and an appreciation for the humanities among its students.

The use of three vertical and three horizontal lines evoke the hexagrams from the I Ching, or "Book of Changes," one of the oldest Chinese texts and foundations of ancient Chinese culture.

The juxtaposition of these lines also reflects the two different ways of reading in the West and the East: from left to right in the former, and top to bottom in the latter. This aspect of the school's logo symbolizes the integration of Eastern and Western methods of instruction and values. The point is further emphasized in the logo's bottom right corner, where the vertical and horizontal lines meet. The design at this intersection is a stylized "CJ," which stands for "Chang Jiang" – the Mandarin name for the school's namesake: the Yangtze River.

The upper left corner of the logo, in contrast, is blank, symbolizing the school's commitment to unceasingly strive for self-improvement and development.

Finally, the main color of the logo is blue -- again reflecting the Yangtze River, after which the school was named.

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