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Cheung Kong maintains state-of-the art campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The Cheung Kong MBA program is based in Beijing, while the Executive MBA course is offered in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
These three cities, distinct in history, culture, and climate, will play leading roles in shaping the future of China for decades to come. In keeping with our goal to be China's leading business institution, Cheung Kong committed to building its presence in all three locations.

About Beijing
The capital of China for most of the past 600 hundred years, Beijing is the political, cultural, and educational center of the nation. Beijing has long absorbed immigrants from every province of China, and now increasingly attracts newcomers from throughout Asia and the wider world. The city underwent a major construction boom and undertook many beautification projects leading up to the 2008 Olympics, and since then the pace of change has remained extraordinarily rapid. Ancient sights such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and narrow hutong lanes now vie for attention with avant-garde international architecture. But despite the accelerating changes, there is no question that Beijing continues to represent the very heart of China.

The Cheung Kong Beijing campus is located in Oriental Plaza, Beijing's premier office complex, which houses the Grand Hyatt and is located at the heart of Wangfujing, China's most famous shopping area. The Beijing campus is just a short walk from Tiananmen Square.

About Shanghai
Lying near the mouth of China's longest river the Yangtze, Shanghai stands at the forefront of the revolutionary changes taking place in the Chinese economy. Registering double-digit growth every year since the introduction of reforms almost two decades ago, Shanghai's ever-rising skyscrapers have come to represent the seemingly limitless possibilities of China's future. Shanghai is the seat of mainland China's largest stock exchange and busiest port, as well as the headquarters of a growing number of corporations. That's in keeping with a historic Shanghai tradition: HSBC and AIG were both founded here. For more than a century Shanghai has thrived as the meeting point between East and West. The city's architecture, cuisine, parks, and cultural life are a tribute to the dynamism and energy of its residents, new and old.

The Cheung Kong Shanghai campus is located in the western suburbs of Shanghai, near the Hongqiao Airport. Set in a leafy neighborhood surrounded by country villas, the Shanghai campus forms an escape from the noise and congestion of downtown Shanghai, which is only 30 minutes away by car.

About Guangzhou
For decades a center for manufacturing and export via Hong Kong, Guangzhou has emerged in its own right as the capital of the vibrant Pearl River Delta economic zone. Famous for dim sum and seafood cuisine and late-night dining culture, Guangzhou is also home to the largest population of overseas Chinese in China.

The Cheung Kong Guangzhou campus is located in the heart of the Guangzhou business district.


Cheung Kong GSB Beijing Campus
Oriental Plaza, Tower E3, 3F
One East Chang An Avenue
Beijing 100738
People's Republic of China
Tel: 86-10-8518 8858
Fax: 86-10-8518 6800

Cheung Kong GSB Shanghai Campus
2419 Hong Qiao Road
Shanghai 200335
People's Republic of China
Tel: 86-21-6269 6677
Fax: 86-21-6269 6255

Cheung Kong GSB Guangzhou Campus
Xinhe Plaza, 8F
Zhujiang New City, Tianhe District
One Hua Xia Road
Guangzhou 510623
People's Republic of China
Tel: 86-20-28852588
Fax: 86-20-28852582

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